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2017 Wedding awards and Bridebook nominee

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Welcome to the All Steps blog!

The All Steps First Dance blog is our one-stop-shop for dance lesson advice as well as tips and inspiration to make sure your big day or special occasion is the best it can be.

Man of Honour

If you are one of those girls like me, your best friend will be a guy. A best friend from childhood or a very special cousin or even just a guy who is one of the girls. Although not very traditional, wouldn’t it be amazing to involve your best guy friend in to the...

Organising a Hen Party

The thing is when you are organising a hen party, the likelihood is half of your guests won’t know each other and you need to find a fun event that breaks the ice and avoids that tumbleweed moment of awkwardness. Hen parties are becoming ever more increasingly...

Father-Daughter first dance

With the big day all booked and only the finer details left to plan why not add on some dance lessons for that all-important Father-Daughter dance. Traditionally father daughter dances were actually danced first before the groom. The aim being the father...

Perfect Heart-warming Songs for Your Wedding

First dance songs set the backdrop for one of the most poignant, treasured, and iconic traditions of any wedding: the first dance between the newly married couple. Engaged couples in the throes of wedding preparation spend quite a bit of time in planning...

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